Modular Precast Systems

Is an innovative and environmentally responsible precast concrete manufacturer in the Greater Toronto Area that offers both traditional precast products as well as a new structural solution to replace poured-in-place concrete structures. Using a pre-engineered series of structural panels, columns, beams and floor panels, we can design structures from single story to 30+ stories. This structural solution can be combined with our exterior wall panels and architectural cladding to provide a client with a total precast solution to take advantage of the many benefits of precast concrete construction.

Our Process

Design Process

Ideally, a project using a precast concrete structure is designed with the system in mind from the outset. Maximizing the capabilities of the structure will allow the client to achieve the maximum benefits of the system at the lowest cost.

Engineering Process

Once selected, the system enters the engineering phase, where each precast piece is individually designed to integrate with the system. Again, beginning the building engineering with a precast system in mind allows for the engineer to design a building that is manufactured efficiently to be erected quickly.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of precast concrete is created in a controlled plant environment with functionality, efficiency and safety in mind. Concrete is cured under optimal conditions, ensuring a uniform product is delivered to site.

Installation Process

The installation process of erecting the precast structure is planned down to each piece in order to maximize speed and minimize the use of surrounding staging areas. No concrete trucks, noise of heavy construction, or site congestion. Precast installation can save up to 30% of the time for a poured-in-place solution.

Finishing Process

With attention to detail, each piece is inspected to ensure it meets our quality control standards, with any minor deficiencies attended to by our finishing crews. We ensure that the quality of each piece has been completed to the satisfaction of our clients.

Jobs Openings

Do you have experience in the precast industry? Looking to work and grow with a new company with a new modern production facility? We are looking for motivated, hard working individuals in production, installation, and logistics to join our team. Positions are available starting immediately through the end of the year