Advantages of precast

Lower cost versus a poured in place structure

Faster erection

No dependance on concrete delivery

Smaller staging requirements

Quieter installation in residential neighbourhoods

More environmentally responsible



CPCI Membership

Modular Precast Systems is a member of the Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute. Our plant is also in the process of achieving CPCQA plant certification. The purpose of the CPCQA is to protect and advance the best interests of (a) the concrete pipe and precast concrete products industry in Canada; and (b) the structural precast/prestressed concrete industry, the architectural precast concrete industry and the specialty precast concrete industry in Canada, and to protect and serve the public from a safety perspective, by certifying manufacturers who demonstrate the ability to meet national standards and other best practices.



Modular Precast Systems is committed to sustainability, and our precast systems is an environmentally responsible alternative. Precast allows for an integrated project delivery, contributing to the sustainability of the entire process from inception to completion.

A development that doesn’t compromise the future generations is integral to the future of construction. The building materials used can have a significant impact on the environment, with buildings in the U.S producing 30% of the national output of greenhouse gas emissions.

Precast Systems contributes to sustainable practices through:

Incorporating integrated design

Using materials efficiently (local, reduced and materials with recycled content)

Reducing construction waste, site disturbance and noise

Water recycling